water tank pressure


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water tank pressure

Water tank keeps losing it's air pressure. I cannot find any water or air leaks. After the tank looses it's pressure it appears to start for a second or two occasionally even though all water supplies appear to be shut tight
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I assume that you have a bladder-type pressure tank.
The bladder is leaking if it won't hold minimum pressure (two psi below pump cut-on pressure). The tank pressure is supposed to fluctuate with the water pressure from two psi below cut-on up to the pump cut-off pressure.
To check it, turn the pump off or unplug it, and drain off the water pressure. Then check the air pressure at the air valve at the top with a tire gauge to verify the 2 psi below.
Air it up with a bicycle pump or portable air tank or compressor, or bleed the air off, if necessary.
If the bladder is shot and won't maintain minimum pressure, you have to replace the tank. (You can replace the bladder, but you don't want to go there. Easier to replace entire tank.)
The new tank will come factory pre-set, but double-check it, and adjust it to your pump setting.
For excellent info on wells and pumps, visit Ron Peeks' website at www.peekspump.com
Good Luck!
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If you don't change the tank it will short cycle the pump and you'll be replacing it too. And depending on what kind of tank you have you probably can't change the bladder. Usually only fiberglass tanks give you that option and not always with them.
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Thanks for the help Mike. Your web site referal gave me the info I required.

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