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Question Toilet Troubles

I'm not sure what's going on in my bathroom! The standing water level in the toilet is very low. It seems to flush OK, sometimes needing 2 flushes, but basically OK. Thing is, almost ALL the water leaves the bowl and does not refill. When you flush, the water level rises very high, almost to the rim, then nearly all of it drains away. Any ideas? Thanks!
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Possible you have more than one problem to fix there. If the water comes very high during flushing before the water drains possible you have a clog that is not clearing itself. Need to run a closet auger or snake down to see if line is clear.

You may also have a vent problem which will necessitate going on the roof and looking down the vent with a bright flashlight to check for obstructions. You can also run a snake down from there, but you'll need a longer one andmake sure you keep a good hold of it.

Lastly, for the wter level, remove the tank lid and check that the bowl refill hose is properly connected. That will be the small, about 1/4" hose that runs from the flush mechanism. It should be mounted to a clip at the top of the overflow pipe and direct its stream down inside the pipe which refills the bowl as the tank is refilling.

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