Picking a wax ring?

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Question Picking a wax ring?

Can anyone help me in figuring out what size wax ring I need?

I had a problem with my toilet where it was leaking on the floor and the ceiling below the toilet. I replaced the toilet because it had some hair-line cracks in it along with a new wax ring. I set the toilet without rocking it and leveled it out with pennies (so it wouldn't corode) and it still leaks. I'm assuming it's the wax ring not making a seal.

My question is, how do you know what size wax ring to use. They have, I believe, two different sizes. They also have some that have polyeurathane inside the wax ring.

What should I use for this?

Thanks in advance!
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The toilet flange should be bolted flush on top of the floor with just the thickness of the flange above floor level for a standard wax ring to seal.
If your flange is below that level, you can get the thicker ring, or a flange extension.
Sometimes, when someone adds the extra thickness of a ceramic tile floor and can't raise the flange for some reason, they double-up the wax rings with one of the kind with the plastic sleeve on top.
Pennies can corrode, too, as can all metals. They make beveled plastic shims for the purpose, or you can use beveled cedar shingle strips to level a toilet, IF necessary.
You also may want to look at the new Fluidmaster wax-free toilet gaskets. Supposed to work better, and are adjustable.

Good luck!
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Most wax rings are standard size. You should pull your toilet off again and scrape off all the old wax. If your toilet flange is below floor level, you may have to use two wax rings, one on top of the other. You can buy rings of different thicknesses, but standard rings should work. When you've placed the rings, place the toilet back on the flange bolts and push down HARD wiggling side to side. When you've got it down as far as you can go, sit on the bowl and wiggle side to side. Repeat this process until the toilet is sitting flush with the floor. NO PENNIES!
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So, I don't need pennies or any shims at all? what if the floor is uneven?

Do I need plumbers putty around the base of the toilet?

What's the deal with the wax ring with the sleave?

Is it a common thing to use two wax rings? If so would I use two of the smaller wax rings or the bigger ones?

Thanks again, you're a big help!
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thanks, but actually I tried the new Fluidmaster wax-free toilet gaskets first. It did not seem to fit right in the drain pipe. The directions that came with it were little help and it just didn't seem like it make any type of seal.

Thanks for the advice.
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Put a level across the bowl and level the toilet with shims, if necessary.
You don't need plumber's putty anywhere on a toilet. Normally you would use white tub-and-tile caulk around the base and the floor.
The wax ring with the sleeve supposedly helps protect the wax ring from water flow.
You can use two wax rings, if necessary, depending upon the level of the flange.
Two smaller ones should do it.
Good Luck!
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Harvey makes 3 sizes of wax rings with the flange extender built in; #1, #3, and #10. Differing depths of wax with #10 having the most. There are also wax rings (just wax) sold to make even more wax available for a seal.
Most likely, you need a #1, standard wax ring. When placing the toilet, press down firmly, and gently wiggle it into place.
Use the level and caulk, just like OldGuy said, and use only shims, not pennies.

Have fun and give it a test flight when done...
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