Is my repair man trying to pulla fast one?


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Is my repair man trying to pulla fast one?

I have a toilet that keeps overflowing - The reparman at my condo - said they had snaked the line and that it was a calcium build up - this was shown to me by him dropping a piece of toilet paper in and watching it swirl around - he suggested I buy a new toilet - I went to home depot and ther plumbing guy said that he had never heard of that - is this common ? The toilet is pretty old - but is in a half bath and is was used regularly - but , I don't think anything is actually stuck in the toilet . This the problem with my line or with the toilet ? I seem to question the repair man - for the fact I am a young girl and know little or nothing about plumbing and the condo could save time and money if they say the problem is with my toilet.
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about your concerns

I have experienced toilet problems that you are having with customers that I have serviced.
Your repairman could be right ,as your toilet being an old one may have buildup such as calcium and in some cases algee growth in its trapway that could snag an hold back tissue paper
from exiting the toilet. Also, the water passages within the bowl could have foreign material restricting water flow when toilet is flushed.
Did your repairman actually remove your toilet and inspect it from the outlet end for any foreign object that could be stuck in your toilets trap?. Did he check the little holes under the rim of the bowl for blockages.
If these holes are blocked it can cause slow flushing.
He did snake the main line as you stated so changing your toilet may be the best thing to do!
Note: excessive use of tissue could cause toilets to back up,also printed tissue does not break down (toilet tissue is designed to
seperate when it is exposed to water from your toilet as compared to paper towels such as viva etc. which I have seen clog drainlines ) as easy as plain tissue. If you do get a new toilet
try to get a toilet with the largest trapway as possible as some of the newer 1.6 gallon flush toilets now on the market with smaller trapways will periodically get blocked if excessive tissue paper is used. Sanitary napkins are also not a good idea flushed down the toilet.
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Toilets have their own built-in traps and almost anything can get hung up in it. Nothing extra is supposed to go into a toilet except toilet paper, and even too much of that can clog it.

Before you replace your toilet, get a hand-crank toilet auger, feed the auger up into the trap through the bowl, and crank away. That may clear it.
Also, take a piece of coathanger wire and rod out the little holes around the rim of the bowl to clean out any calcium buildup that may be restricting the flush water flow.
That may help clear it up.
There are other things to do, but I doubt that you need to replace the toilet.
If these two things don't help, come back on this same thread and we'll help you further.
Good Luck!
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What about checking the Vent? This will also cause slow drainage.
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