drain obstructed.. need to remove a shampoo cap!


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Red face drain obstructed.. need to remove a shampoo cap!

Hi all,

The drain in question has no stopper assembly, and until recently had not even a trap covering the drain. Some time ago, the drain had some backup problems, and it was twice professionally snaked. This removed some minor hair clogs, but did not resolve the underlying issue.
Recently it was discovered that a shampoo bottle cap went down the drain !! I don't think it has been washed or snaked away, since the trap is clean, and water still builds up in the shower.
What would be the best way to get that thing out? Plunging has done nothing, though I did not block air from the overflow - I will try that next.
Would using an auger/snake on it anymore be able to pull it out? Or would it be possible to use a shop vac to try and pull it up (or perhaps push it through)? Thanks for any input!

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worth a try is........(drumroll) LOL......

that shop vac idea........snaking MAY only push it further down (sometimes a good thing, sometimes not)....it can get lodged in an even more precarious position than originally.

If you know it's past your P-trap, it should eventually move into your 1-1/2 to 2 or 3 inch pipe and out to never never land....

Try the shop vac.....................or even hook up a garden hose and try to blowwwwwwww it further down (crossing fingers).

Hope this helps!
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This is what I do when in this situation, but you should only try it if your tub drain is metal. If it is plastic you might damage the tub drain.

1st vacume all the water out of the drain, then take an old wire clothes hanger and make a small hook in the end with a pair of pliers. stick it down the tub drain and move the cap around to make sure it isn't holding any water. Next heat the tip (hook) of the hanger with a torch until it gets red hot then insert it into the tub drain and into the cap. You will hear the hot wire burn into the cap and sometimes a puff of smoke will come out the top of the dain. Turn on the cold water for a couple seconds to cool it off. When you pull out the hanger the cap will be melted onto the hanger.
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Thanks for the replies!
This past weekend I plunged the heck out of it, with little, if any improvement. I haven't gotten my hands on a Shop Vac yet to try that idea.. and I've stuck a hanger down there, but haven't really found anything.
Does anyone have a diagram.. of the internals? I'm just not sure what I am poking around at, where this drain connects to what, etc! The toilet is very close.. would the shower connect to that pipe which would be larger in diameter?
Whew, ok, thanks for any more help!

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Ta da.......


Unless it is the same layout in the same mfr.line I have plumbed, almost all CAN be different.


Here is a basic diagram with a few jump-off pages you may find helpful.


In most houses, the sink and tub are tied in as quickly as possible to the 3" which runs off your toilet to your ground drop.

You may have to go under-floor and you SHOULD see the 3" coming out, if not all the separate drops....open your belly up a lil more and that will give you a good picture.

You MAY have to just cut into a pipe or two, find the lil bugger, then re-couple together with couplers and a small can of ABS glue.

I truly hope I have helped, if you have any ?s or need other help, just let me know!

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