Loss of prime in irrigation well

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Question Loss of prime in irrigation well

I am having a problem with an irrigation well/pump I just installed. The problem I am having is the pump/well will work fine with continuous use- there is plenty of water supplied to the system. The problem I am having is when I don’t use the well for a day or so, I turn on the spigot, water is supplied by my pressurized tank, the pump will turn on and will start “gurgling” out water, then air and then a few seconds later water will be pumped out. It appears that the well is losing its prime. Below is how I’ve got it set up.

On the output part of the pump I’ve got a 1” pipe that goes up for about 10” where I’ve got a “cross” connector, a spigot out each side with a 2 ½ gallon tank on top.

On the supply side of the pump I’ve got a 1 ¼” pipe that travels parallel to the ground for about 1’, then I’ve got a Brady check valve inline, then about 6” there’s a 90 that takes the pipe down about a foot (to get underground), then another 90 to go parallel to the ground again, pipe runs about 10’, another 90 to turn left, pipe runs another 2’, then a final 90 to attach to the well pipe which goes down to 38’ with a 8’ well point.

My check valve is installed horizontal. Should it be vertical to keep the water pressure on it to push it down? Should it be farther from the pump so it has more water in the pipe for more pressure?
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This is a "page" I have doled out quite often with regards to loss of prime / irrigation wells.

It is excellent in the troubleshooting and very thorough, having you check everything.

Altho it is inter-ofc., of a company, the things to check are very clear.

I certainly hope this helps, pls write back if you need more answers. Best to you on getting your prime back!


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