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New project

Have a BBQ Pavillion and seating area in my back yard and want to build a large (?) 30X15 pond and waterfall. Have checked into the ready made molds and am really interested in a custom design sort of by guesswork and trial and error. In other words not a commercial project.

I am in Florida which for some reason it is sandy! lol As a starter what is the recommended base for the pond? This will be a learning project and perhaps as time goes on I will find other sources for ideas and be creative ourselves for a personal touch.

Is cement suitable for a free formed base? Plastic?

Thanks Robert
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Hello Robert

Concrete does work for free-form ponds, but there are some possible problems related to it's use. If it is not reinforced, it could develop cracks over time - often tough to repair; it IS pretty permanent, so if you decide down the road that you want to modify or enlarge the pond, you'd have to break up (and dispose of) at least part of it; there are some salts and other chemicals that will leach into the pond from the concrete with time, possibly affecting any fish you put in there; and in high water table conditions, the rigid liner might actually be pushed out of the hole by hydrostatic pressure from beneath.

Same observations with a pre-formed liner, except the flexability of design is limited by what forms are available.

Newer installations often use a 45 mil virgin rubber over a padding layer to line the pond. It has the flexibility of conforming to almost any design, can be seamed together or be fixed with rubber cement and a patch/seaming kit, will not affect wildlife (make sure you use virgin or EPDM rubber {ethylene propylene diene rubber}) and will move if the subsurface changes. One thing that may cause concern is that it can be punctured by sharp objects both from below and above - relatively easy to patch, but requires the pond to be drained and the liner dried before patching.

There is some good information about pond building at this link:

You might also try looking in a good Search Engine by typing "Pond Building" or something similar.

Hope this helps a bit

Good Luck with your Pond

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Thanks Howie

Going to start this in about 2 months. I appreciate the help and I will be keeping all info on the trusty computer. I understand the concrete situation after you enlightened me. A friend had a concrete pool a mile from here that rose to the occasion on a high water period!

Regards Robert
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backyard pond

i just built a new pond in my backyard here in chicago last summer and all i did was dig and useed a ruber liner and is holding up good with no problems so far (knock knock) i think this is the best way no cement just rocks for outside edge

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