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Great forum. I am new to water ponds. I just installed a 100gal pre-formed pond this weekend. What size pump and filter (if needed) do i need. I would also like to add a waterfall. Any other tips you can offer a beginner would be appreciated. Thanks.
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Hello Nichboy

For most applications, if you can circulate the water about three times per hour, you should be keeping the fish happy (aeration). A bit more or less according to the amount of flow you want over the waterfall or thru the fountain head.

You could check your local nursery or garden centre - water features such as ponds and waterfalls are the 'in' thing wioth landscapers right now, so there should be some very good (and free) resources at these places if you can find a sales associate who specializes in ponds.

They should be able to answer any questions abouot filters, also. There are a number of biological systems as well as mechanical and light purifying systems - each has it's plusses and downfalls and deciding on the most appropriate might be dictated by your wants and needs.

Hope this helps a bit.

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Smile Pump Size

Hi NB; As far as I know your filtering needs depend on amount of fish, plants if any, etc,etc. As far as pump size, you should replace your volume at least once every hour in your case 100gph. Also if you decide on a waterfall for every foot of elevation you will need an extra 100gph. So lets say for example you have a 2 ft waterfall you will need at least 300gph pump. Also depends on your hose diameter for your flow rates, etc. Hope this helps.
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Hi Nichboy,

When it comes to the water falls, I never really had one myself, but it sounds like these other guys are leading you in the right direction. But as for the other questions you asked. I would think you would need 2 different pumps, a little one to pump for the falls, and a bigger pump for the filter itself.
It's all going to depend on how much money you want to spend, as far as the filter goes.
For a biginner, I would start with a Pondmaster 1200 submersible filter ( $50.00) , hooked up to a pump (180-300 gph)( $25.00). The filter will need to be cleaned at least every 2-3 weeks. Down the road I would really consider adding a Tetra Biofiltration filter also called ( tetra clear chice PF-1 filter) ($70.00). But the Bio filter is totally up to you, I went years with out one and was fine, but when I added one, it made a big differance.
Another thing you are going to need for sure is a Ultraviolet Sterilizer. If you don't get one your water is going to be green, and you will not be able to see anything in your pond. Look at the Tetra-UV 1 Sterilizer it runs around $135.00 and the bulb will need to be replaced every year even if it looks like it still works. The UV sterilizer is a must, after you add it your water will be super clean.

As far as location of the pond, hopefully you did not put it to close to any trees, or come fall you will have big problems when the leaves start falling. It will mean more work cleaning the pond, you really don't want leaves building up on the bottom of the pond. A net can help come fall.
As far as fish go, start with 3 small koi. They grow somewhat quick and live very long, so there really is no need on spending a ton of money on big koi. Food wise, don't go with that really cheap fish food, I found that the fish lose there color. Also the cheaper food say to feed the fish every day, thats a no-no. Spend a little extra and get the better fish food and feed them every other day. i have good luck with a food called Miracle Koi food. It's a soft food and the fish love it and it really brings out thier color.
Give or put something on the bottom of the pond for the koi to hide in or under. I use a section of clay gutter system, it's pretty much a clay tube about 5 inchs high and a foot long. It will not only give the fish the feel of security but it will give them somewhere to go when the water gets really hot and they will live in there in the winter.
When it comes to plants, I would stick with around 3 of them. Which ever ones you pick will be fine.

When it comes to winter, I keep my pump on and have it pumping water to the top to keep the water moving. Depending on how cold it gets around your area. If it gets really cold, I would highly consider a pond heater. Its a good investmant. Just plug it in and let it float in your pond. If the pond totally freezes over the fish will die and if you have a plastic pond the water will expand and crack the pond. With a heater you will save a lot of money down the road.

All these info is just my 2 cents and I was going to post these info any way because if there is one thing I hate, it's when I see someone in a pet shop looking to buy a pond and the shop worker leads the buyer to believe that all he needs to start a pond is to buy a pond and a filter, only to have the buyer come back a week later saying that his pond is pure green and he can't see anything in there, then comes winter and the heater comes up. Like I said to do a pond correctly you will need all of the above, good luck.

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