building a water wall


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glass water wall

The water wall is 6' x 6' and will be framed in stainless so I can hide my pvc. I've been experimenting with 3/4" going up both sides and going 3' each across the top, capped at each end. One side I drilled holes every 1/2", the other I cut a slit with a tablesaw lengthwise. I am experimenting with different size pumps, but I was looking for specific hints as to how to maintain a really consistent and even flow, and also how to attach it to the top. Too much info?
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I think there are a few possible approaches.

One is to use higher pressure in your manifold so it maintains relatively consistent pressure along it's length. Then slits or holes along it's length would have similar flow rates. Another approach is low pressure water and some trial and error to open the size of holes/slits as needed to get even flow along it's full length.

Since you are talking glass and stainless I would consider an open trough along the top out of either glass or stainless. Pump the water up into the trough and let the water spill over the edge much like an infinity edge on a pool. Leveling is critical and I think you would need to play with the flow rate and edge radius of the trough/wier to keep the water flow attached as it goes over the edge. If the flow rate is low it will stay attached over a pretty sharp radius but the higher the velocity it will want to break free.

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