frog problem


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frog problem

I just bought a house which has a pond in the front. I haven't had time yet for pond maintanence, but I noticed I have gazillions of tadpoles swimming around in it. Before I end up with frogs up to my eye balls, can anyone give me QUICK advice on how to get rid of the tadpoles? THANKS!
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Simply add some goldfish.

If you don't, most will be taken by predators or develop and hop away anyway.

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I have a 1/2 acre pond in back of my house which is loaded with frogs screaming all night long, drove me nuts for the first summer..The worst screamers are the little ones..Theres a few Bass in the pond which like to eat em and I see a Blue Heron once in a while walking around picking the little suckers off..The problem was still pretty bad so I had do some night recon with a BB gun and a flashlight..They can't see a thing at night and they just sit there screaming their heads off until of course I shine the light on them and pop em one..Cut down the noise level quite a bit...

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Funny how one person's pleasure is another one's annoyance . Having grown up in the counry (NW PA) there is no sound I would rather fall asleep to than the music of peep frogs or "peepers". Also, since frogs eat insects, lots of them in your pond might just alter the mosquito population a bit in your favor!
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i love the sound,reminds me of boyscouting!


unfortunately my wife was was not a scout..
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Talking It's music to our ears.

Everyones appreciation for the sounds of nature is not the same.

We moved from the city to a somewhat remote area over twenty years ago and the novelty still hasn't worn off.
Seven years ago we bought a home that's across the road from a river and backs onto a marsh.
In early spring the sound of ducks, geese, frogs, loons and a variety of songbirds can be just as loud as a city in rush hour traffic.

I have no aversion to eliminating pests, (like my squirrel problem) but other than noise, dketh is right about them helping to control nuisance insects.
Being next to a marsh, our mosquito population is quite high but the bats have moved in and are having a feast.
It's kinda interesting that we can sit outside after dark swatting mosquitos, but as soon as the bats come out the mosquitos almost dissapear.
Not that I think they are eating them all, but maybe the mosquitos can hear their high pitched sonar.

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