Opinions of UV filters


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Opinions of UV filters

I am ready to install a filter in my 750 gallon pond. I can pick up a Beckett PBF750 Biological and UV Filter at my local HD. Are there any disadvantages to using UV filters?

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I'm not sure about the UV filter you are talking about. But if you are looking to put fish in the pond , you will want a UV light, thats for sure. Thats if you want to see the fish, the UV filter will keep the water clear.
The only disadvantages with the UV light is that you most replace the bulb every year, even though it still lights up, and they are expensive to buy. Also you most bring the unit in for the winter, if you leave it out the water will freeze and the glass case the surounds the bulb will crack. I always leave the Bio filter out each winter and never had a problem there, but the UV most come in the house.
I'm not sure if you are new to this, but a little tip that I always do is, is disconnect everthing to the pond in the winter except the pump. I keep the pump running all winter the keep movement in the water. Also keep the UV light out as long as possible, until atleast first frost. If you disconnect the UV to soon you will start to grow string algea. Once string agea starts it's a nightmare to get rid of.
This is only my 2 cents, and I'm sure everyone does there owe thing.

Good luck
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The first disadvantage of a UV filter is the cost.

I filled my pond last fall and I thought that by now I would have taken the plunge for a UV. But, my mechanical and bio filters are apparently working well.
Earlier this spring I had the usual spring algea bloom which lasted about two weeks. But, alas, the skippy filter kicked in and the water has been very clear all summer. SO, the uv filter is way down on the 'want' list.
Oh, as info, my pond is 45 inches deep and I can see the bottom very well.


PS: I really don't think a uv will have much affect on string algae. It is more for 'pea soup' algea blooms and will also kill some parasites(if they are present). Salt and hydrogen peroxide will help control some string algae.

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