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gotta question

is there a special type of glue that must be used in ponds waterfall...........i've been using Gorilla Glue but i dont know can i use that with any filtration system? dont want to get one just to have it fry....

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Hello tails and Welcome to

Are you talking about joining two pieces of liner together or holding rocks in place on the waterfall/stream portion of your water feature?

If using an EPDM rubber membrane as a liner, contact cement or a patch kit made specifically for this application will be your best bet. Your pool supply outlet or nursery (maybe even the big box stores) should carry repair kits.

To hold rocks in place in a stream, the expanding foam that comes in cans works well. There is a black product that will blend in with the background if not covered completely with rock or the beige ("Great Stuff" type) foam that will also do the trick. Just remember to allow it to cure fully (about an hour or as directed on the label) before adding water.

Hope this helps

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Howie's got you on the right track.
Isn't it a bummer!! Great Stuff @ 3.50 a can, and Black Waterfall foam at $12 to $18 bucks a can!!! Same darn stuff, except for the color.

I've also used 100% clear silicone caulk too. Only problem is keeping the rocks from sliding after placing them. I propped them in place. And when the silicone dried, I mortared between them.

If the gorilla glue is working that's great too. It is a polyurethane and when cured will pose no problem.


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