Seeking opinion on pond waterfall liner


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Seeking opinion on pond waterfall liner

I am planning a large waterfall that will have a 10x8 reservoir at the top, goes under a bridge, drops 2-3 feet, keeps flowing and dropping in uneven increments down to a final waterfall, into a large reservoir about 17x23 (figure 8 shaped). My landscape dimensions are 27 feet wide and 48 feet long. This section of land is on a hill and drops down over the length about 15 feet. I am trying to do this myself, and have considered both rubber liner and concrete. Here's the main issue. I live in Colorado, and get some pretty good freezes. I am trying to figure out how to do concrete without probable freeze breaks. Can I pour it in sections and seal between them? Ideas?

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Hello steves and Welcome to

IMHO, a 45 mil Rubber liner is the way to go - you cna fix leaks with a patch kit and the rubber will conform to the contours and shape of the underlaying earth. Also if you use EPDM rubber, it will be safe for fish, etc (recycled rubber will often leach contaminantes into the water, affecting your fish - concrete will tend to leach into the water also). Concrete will tend to crack with the freeze thaw cycles it will be subjected to, and if you decide to change anything will require busting up the old before starting to do the alterations.

If you do decide to go concrete, a 6" x 6" rebar grid within the concrete might help hold things together...

Hope this helps


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