Vinal Liners


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Vinal Liners

Has anyone ever heard about using the vinyl from large vinyl billboards as pound liners?

I read this somewhere and wanted to know if this was a feasible idea?


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Might work as long as you don't want fish in the pond. Vynil will often leach contaminants into the pondwater. Also, I believe that vynil is affected by the sun's ultraviolet spectrum and will deteriorate fairly quickly if exposed to the elements. Lastly, it does tend to get wuite brittle in extreme cold and will shatter if hit or even walked on.

Just my opioion - hope others will correct me if I'm wrong

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From what I am told the vinyl being used for the big billboards on the highway is UV resistant and I would think so as well because it need to stand up to being out in the elements 24/7.

As far as it becoming brittle and cracking during the winter, I don't need to worry about that living in South Florida.

The only thin I was concerned about is the ability to put plants or fish in there, but this article that I read it in says that they have been using it for liners and covers for years.



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