Natural Pond Questions


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Natural Pond Questions

I have a natural pond in my front yard that has become overrun with what I think are cat tails. Can i just keep pulling them out or is there a better way to remove them so I can see the pond.

Also I have old algae and lilly pads building up quickly - is there a solution for that too?

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I found the best solution is to get a pair of ducks in the spring. If the winter is harsh you'll have to decide what to do with them in the fall, though. They keep the pond clean.
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Pond problems fix.....

If you don't mind treating the pond water with chemicals, I found a product, Cutrine-D and Weedtreen-D. The first does wonders on algae and some aquatic plant growth, whereas the Weedtreen-D will take care of the cat-tails and submersed growth. Best of all, they both work very quickly, and it is safe if you have fish/frogs living in your pond. Neither will harm wildlife, and you can use pond water immediately after treatment for irrigation and cattle/farm animals.

Bear in mind, by killing off these growths, the decay of the aquatic material in the pond during the process will cause oxygen depletion, so go slowly, and treat in steps. I hear people treat on a two week alternate schedule for best results. Try E-bay for a source, or search on the product name for more details.

Good luck.

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