Muddy Natural Pond --

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Muddy Natural Pond --

I have a large natural pring feed pond. About 900,000 gal -- 14 Max depth
I have had the water checked and it is OK. I have placed some water in gallon jars and the fine particles do not settle out. I have also tried gypsum added to the water in the jars with no luck.
The soil is clay and the bottom does have several feet build up. The pond has an overflow at the deep end taking the water off the top and into a nearby creek. The overflow in the summer is very little but can be heavy during the rainy winter. I have put a 60 gpm pump in the deep end for irrigation.

I would like to get the pond so it doesn't look muddy. I have enough room to put a large bio filter in at the upper end and pump the 60 gpm into it. I would also use this to filter the water coming into the pond from natural sources as this is carry some material into the pond also. I know this flow is small compared to the pond size. Also does anyone know if it would do any good to have the overflow draw water from the bottom of the pond rather skim off the top?

Thanks for suggestions or comments.
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How long did you let your jar of test water sit? Very fine silt can take a long, long time to settle out.

If your pond is anything like mine, I'd give up on any ideas of filtering out the silt. It is a massive job, and it's hard to compete against mother nature.

I had pumped my pond down to try and clean out some of the accumulated silt. We had one storm raise the water level 5 feet. There was no way I could pump it out fast enough, let alone try filtering it. In the winter I estimate that my overflow carries about 5'000 gal/hr, with a good storm puting in over 30'000 gal/hr. There is no way to filter that much water without spending a government amount of money.

Many newly constructed ponds have their overflow draw water from the bottom of the pond. It makes sense since silt will tend to settle to the bottom and water at the bottom of a pond tends to have less oxygen. My drain is a simple surface sluce and it seems to drain off the cleaner surface water while the heavier, silty water stays on the bottom.
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Muddy Pond

Most muddy ponds is a result of soil erosion. Unless erosion can be checked, then muddy water will be an ongoing problem. Collect a jar full of pond water, cover it with a lid and allow it to sit undisturbed for one week. If the water appears clear after one week and sediment is noticed at the bottom of the jar, chances are that something in the pond is stirring up the sediments. However, if the water is still cloudy, then there is a good chance that
suspended particles of clay soil are the cause of the muddy water. The problem may also be a combination of disturbed sediments and the presence of clay soils in the watershed.

If problem is disturbed sediment in pond and you have bullhead catfish and carp, then remove them. If you have livestock, fence off pond to prevent trampling of pond bank. If shoreline erosion is a problem, plant rushes, sedges, and cattails to check erosion. If problem is suspended clay particles, hay, agricultural gypsum, aluminum sulfate and hydrated lime are additives that will coagulate suspended clay particles and settle them to pond's bottom.

When streams are used as a water supply, a wise precaution is to build the pond adjacent to the stream (not dam the stream) and have an inlet pipe which can be screened or closed as needed. This provides control over the siltation and nuisance fish migration.

Contact your local Dept. of Agriculture Extension Agent and invite him to come take a look at your pond and the stream that feeds it.

Muddy Water in Ponds
Causes, Prevention, and Remedies

Clearing Muddy Ponds With Gypsum

Clearing Muddy Pond Waters

A Guide for On-Farm Soil and Water Testing
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Cool pond links. Thanks Mr. Pole.

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