Water and plants


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Water and plants

its a simple question. Can you plant any plant under water or must the plant be some kind of special plant?
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Hello Underworlddead and Welcome to DoItYourself.com

Only plants that can take their roots being submerged can survive and to make things a bit more complicated, many aquatic plants will do best only at a certain depth.

If you go to a garden centre or nursery that has pond supplies, the plants that are being sold as aquatics should have tags or labels stating how far below the water surface they'll be happiest at.

Your location will also have some bearing on which plants will overwinter (if you get freezing winter seasons). Some of the more tropical aquatics like papyrus, water hyacinths, water lettuce, etc will not tolerate freezing (or even cold) water and have to ne re-introduced or taken indoors when the seasons change.

You can type "aquatic plants" into a good search engine and there should be enough information there to give you an idea about what will do best at what depth and temperatures...


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