Lossing water???


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Lossing water???

I have a Little Giant 567635 pump which is rated for 300 gph. The pond is about 125 gallons. Some one told me that I am losing water because the pump is to strong.
Could this be true? Basically the pump is turning over the entire pond 2 times an hour. Could there be that much evaporation that over say a 3-4 hour period I would loss about 2 inches of water.

The pond is a preform kidney shape that is 32" in width at all the points and 5 feet in length at the longest. it is about 2 feet deep, but that is only at the center there is a 12" deep shelf going around most of the pond.

Anyway back to the question. could I be losing so much water because the pump is to strong and turning over the water to often, thereby losing so much to evaporation?

Is there a way to reduce the flow of the pump with out effecting or stressing the pump?

I've hear of putting a shut off valve on the output of the pump and looked on Little Giants website to see if the suggested against doing this, did not find anything.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks Rainbow.
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Hello Rainbow

You should be able to find a flow control valve that you could mount on the output side of the pump that will reduce the flow in plumbing stores, some of the big box stores, a garden centre that has pond supplies, etc.

Does the pump direct water to a waterfall or stream or is it producing a fountain spray?

Turnover of twice an hour doesn't seem too much; if there is a fountain or waterfall in your pond, it will increase the evaporation and water loss. I have to replenish ~20 - 30 imp gallons (~22 - 37 US gallons) in a 24 hr period - that's with a 12' stream with 2 waterfalls over a change in grade of 2' plus ~175 sq ft water surface on a hot sunny day with a moderate breeze

From your description, a 2" drop might occur in hot, sunny weather with a moderate breeze - especially if the liner isn't covered with anything and is a dark colour). My calculations come out to you losing about 18 US gal with a 2" drop in the water level. (15 sq ft @ 2" = 2.5 cu ft = 18 US Gal).

Seems like a lot to be losing in 4 hrs...What happens if you turn off the pump for a period of time? If your water level still drops that drastically, I'd suspect a leak or a low point somewhere along the edge of the liner... (or stream if you have one)

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Thanks for the reply.

There is no stream, just the water running down the boulder and into the pond.
The pond is a prefad unit, so there is no liner it is just like a big thick plastic pool. I turned the punp off over night and there was still a loss of water, so I spoke to the the contractor that installed it and he finally agreed with me that there may be a leak.

You figure with the pump not running at all and it being night (no sun) there would be little or no evaporation.

He is going to replace the pond, and we'll see what happens from there.

Thanks for the help.


PS; I also go the post to my question on filtration from a couple of weeks ago. Someone else had pointed me to AQUASCAPE.

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