New House with green smelly pond! Help! (Algae)


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Smile New House with green smelly pond! Help! (Algae)


I have bought a house that has a small outdoor pond and fountain. However, the previous owner did not maintain it at all. It is green and smelly. I wanted to see what I need to add or make sure actually is working. I am closing on the house this week and the previous owner is claiming that the pond pump works. How do I check? How much does it run to replace the pump?

Is there a starter kit that I can purchase that will test the water? I will not be having any fish, but I do have a dog that loves the water and will be jumping in the pond. Are their safe ways to clean the pond, but not harm my dog?

Any help will be greatly appreciated! I am looking forward to the challenge of getting this pond in working order, but I definetely need some pointers

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You will find the following thread helpful:

Stop by your local aquarium shop or pond supplier for pumps, filters, test kits, and supplies. Pumps and filters for small ponds are relatively inexpensive. There is a wealth of information online about pond maintenance.

Many folks tend to locate their ponds where they get too much light. Ponds prefer shade. Shade tends to minimize algae problems. An aerator, fountain, bubbler, or waterfall will efficiently agitate, oxygenate, and cool pond water. Agitation of water also keeps mosquitoes away. Mosquitoes prefer stagnant water. Keep pond topped off by trickling in additional water.

Clean filter monthly and rinse out pump. If this needs to be done more often, then filter may be too small.
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there is a spring start-up kit for about $80 at


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