pond edging ?


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pond edging ?

I have just installed a new pond using a liner and plan on laying Flagstone around the perimeter. I am not sure how to secure the flagstone so it does not move. I live in a cold climate and plan on puting the rest of the flagstone on sand with dirt and moss in between. I have heard about digging a 12" trench about a foot away from the pond and pouring cement into the trench and setting the stone on the cement to keep it from moving into the pond. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks Sean
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I did see this being done on some t.v show, I couldn't belive it but they were useing that can foam stuff to act like a glue to hold the stone together. I personally like your idea better.

But I really didn't understand exactly what you were saying. Your not going to dig a foot deep trench and fill the whole thing with cement, just to lay flag stone on top are you? That kinda sounds like over kill. Your probable saying a 1 foot wide trench, 4 inchs deep, correct?

Myself I just have them laying there, I tried to lock them together as best as possible. It works for me and I haven't had a problem yet with them. The only thing that worries me sometimes is when the dogs neal on the stone the drink out of the pond. I stop them when I see them, but one of these days the flag stone will give and the dogs will take a swim.

In your case I would wait for a second or third opinion on the cement thing. It sounds like the right way to do it but I would think that due to your cold climate conditions. The cement may try to raise out of the ground. You may also want to go with just laying the stone directly on the ground and use mortar the inter lock the stone. Which could be a good way of doing the job.
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If the top(perimeter) of the pond is flat and fairly level, simply lay down a two inch thick base of 'not too wet' mortar. Set the stones where you like and add more mortar between them. They may develop small gaps over time - simply add more mortar.

btw, I tired the 'foam' for my verticals near the top and it was hit or miss. The stones had to be propped up as they slide downward if not secured.


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