Dog pool


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Dog pool

This may not be the correct forum, but closest I could find.. I have several dogs, and plan on breeding more. I want to make an in-ground pool for them to be able to cool off in..(Huskys and Arkansas heat/humidity kinda make it necessary). I know I'll need to be able to drain it frequently, and clean it, but can not find any plans or ideas on how to do this. Obviously, dogs have sharp claws, so don't think a liner will work..I've looked online at Lowes and other places, and have yet to see "pre-formed" pools.. I figure it'll need to be approximately 15 ft around (but doesn't have to be actually round) and approximately 8-10 inches deep. Any ideas will be greatly appreciated!!
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I have one of the hard plastic kiddie pools. It is about 6 feet diameter and a foot deep. Easy to empty and clean. Durable, too. I have it sitting on the ground. I fill it with water if the rain hasn't. I have Australian Shepherds, but they haven't torn it up. It is not too expensive, either.

Hope this helps.
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We have a couple of those also, but around here, almost impossible to find..We also want something more permenant, as we're going to be raising/breeding huskys, and the number of dogs require something larger.. Thanks for the tip tho!!
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You definitely want a pool, not a pond! Ponds require an ecosystem not dog friendly to stay clean. It would turn into a swamp. sounds like you might have to contract a pool installer, filter included. Unless you know somthing about pouring cement for a pool and are ready to excavate that is. I have poured cement for walkways but wouldn't go as far as a pool...leaks can be expensive to maintain and fix... *note* if you build it while or at least the same year as the business is running, claim it on your taxes as a bizz expense. Have the electrician hook up a seperate meter to it (for the filter etc.) and claim the electricity as well as the water.
good luck!
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I dont know how much in American it would be but Up here in Ontario with the current price of concrete it would be about $1500.00 for a 15'x15' square with an 8" thick wall 10" high with a floor thickness of about 4". I would not trust regular concrete for this though and would probebly look into getting it linedand sealed. also look at a rubberized non-slip padding the playground at the zoo here has a sprinkler pad with rubberized padding to run on.

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for our Huskies we use the thick rubbermade gray plastic horse troughs.

they are relatively inexpensive and are extremely durable. We have a 50 gallon one that a dog can jump into and lay down in if he/she wishes.
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We too have a crew of water loving pups. labs, born in water. We have used those kiddie pools for years but winters here always crack them. We have looked into a stainless steel water hole for cows. But huge and still need a good way to drain them. We have loked into getting a large flat preformed pond but still again the drain issues. we are now looking into building our own cement pond with a burried drum with holes in it to drain the water into from the pond. Then use PVC pipe to create a plug. I figure if we build it and make it ourselves the labor is free only need to pay for the concrete.

gina in WI with 6 fur-kids
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How about a stock tank...

since you're probably more interested in functionality than purty. Put in a wood floor and a ramp for them to go in and out. It should be easy to clean if you position it above ground or on a side hill so it can be drained.
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no need for a ramp in or out with labs. They will be flying through the water and all over the yard. Smaller dogs I would. Something with a cement pond, after talking with others in cold climates heed to worry about it cracking from year to year. We are going to go with a 270 or 145 gallon formed pond so it is rigid and has little landings in it on the sides as steps.
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Good Idea!

Got 3 Wild Dogs myself and they have taken over my 500 gal. pond. It has an edge on one side for them to get out, it is a ridge preform and it works great .... someday I my reclaim the pond ... gonna be hard to explain to them ....

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