liner quality


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liner quality

What is the best type of pond liner with its thickness EPDM, PVC, or others in your opinion.

Also I don't know whether or not if you know this one or not but how long do pvc liners last if installed underground without being exposed to the sun. If you dont know the answer to this question but know where I can find an answer or perhaps the manufacturers answer please tell. Thanks.
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Use 40 mill EPDM..............

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a 20 year warranty isn't unusual to see. Of course you need to protect it from the elements (this includes children, pets, and weather). Put old carpet or several layers of newspaper under it as well. Carpet stores actually have to pay to have there old carpet disposed of. My brother lays carpet and gets real excited when someone is willing to take the old removed stuff off of his hands, just call them up and ask. good luck.....

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