overwinter koi in garage

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overwinter koi in garage

Hi, I just thought I would join the group today. My question is about koi. I have 2 about 10" in an outdoor pond and plan on putting them in a 75g tank for the winter here in wisconsin. This is my first overwinter with koi. My question is, do they do well if the temperature drops below 40F? The garage is not heated. How often would they need to be fed if they are hybernating? I have a special "spring/autumn" food for low protein diet. I also have a de-icer if I need to use it. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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Check with your local pond fish supplier for recommendations. If you have an area in your pond where water is 18" deep or deeper, fish will hibernate in that area. If pond is not 18" deep, it's possible they could freeze.

You need to start feeding the spring & autumn food when water temperature drops to 65 degrees and stop feeding when water reaches 42 degrees. It is not recommended that fish be moved to a kiddie pool or aquarium in a garage because this places the fish under stress from catching, transporting, and reacclimating. If you have no choice, you will need an aquarium air pump to keep the water oxygenated. Keep an eye on the water temperature. Feed infrequently, if at all. Check pH, nitrite and ammonia weekly. Water should be changed at the rate of about 20%/month. Cover with netting so fish do not jump out.
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koi in the garage tank

Thanks, I have put them into a regular 75gal tank with air pump, filter, etc..
They seem to be happy so far. The water was 48F this morning and they don't seem to be eating much. I will test the water in a week. Thanks.
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About 2 years ago I did the garage set-up, they did make it through the winter, how I have no clue. Between the water being so cloudy you couldn't see the fish, and being spooked everytime I walked by, I was really glad they lived. Would I do it again, no.

You should be fine, I was just having water problems.

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