How Big of A Pump For A Water Fall


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How Big of A Pump For A Water Fall

I am building a water fall that is going to be approximately 7 feet tall. actually 2 of them on either side of a set of stairs with a small walk over foot bridge at the bottom. There will be a 1 foot deep pool at the bottom that connects the two waterfalls. I dont want a raging waterfall but something with a little pressure. I guess my main question is what size pump do I need to run and push aor pull the water up to the top of the waterfalls, and are there any that adjust the water volume and flow.

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Actually mostly all newer pumps have flow control. What you need to look at when buying one is the Max Lift Number. This is the maximum hight that a pump can pump water to. but you must remember that at the Max Lift the flow is 0 gph so you need somthing that has a higher Max Lift. Also some specs will tell you what the flow rate is at hight usually it will say GPH @ 6' . I'll leave a link to a pumps spec page here so you can check it out yourself. I think the 3200 is just what you need if not from this company then somthing similar from somewhere else, it has a flow rate of 100gph @ 6' which is plenty of power still (the average garden hose runs at 80-100) and with lots of room to adjust flow over the falls.
Hope this helped. feel free to msg me further.

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Pumps for waterfalls

There are several things to consider. 1.How many gallons of water do I have in my pond? You should circulate the water in you pond at least 1x per hour. 2.You could run both falls off of 1 pump, by pitting a "y" in the line, 1 going to the left side the other to the right. In those lines going to the falls you put in a Ball Valve on each side. This enables you to open or close or slow down water going to one or both sides depending on what you want. You also have to consider if you have a skimmer, biofalls, UV light, bead filter etc. So if you have a 1500 gallon pond you will need approx a 35-4000 gph pump and you could adjust from there. You may also want to decide on wheather to use an internal or external pump. Also consider how far you are going to pump the water. The pump should be as far away from the falls a possible, so as to circulate the pond water. I live in Denver Colorado have plants and 21 koi and ponds freeze here so I run mine all winter, 24-7-365. Contact me if you have any other questions. This is just a start of the ideas to consider.

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