Pre-filter/pump sock


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Pre-filter/pump sock (For small pump, 550 gph)

I think one of the reasons my current submersible pump failed is it didn't have a pre-filter or pump sock. I'm thinking there should be an easy way to create one.

Anyone ever MacGyvered a solution?

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Mine doesn't have one either, no problems.

Possible rigs; aquarium vaccuum filter bag, piece of panty hose.
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PreFilter ?

I say got get a chunk of foam, not one that is tight (big holes not small holes) and run your hose through that, you can cut into the foam or sponge and push you hose in it and clamp it. Do the same on the recieve end of your pump. Cover the sponge and a little bit of the hose with an plastic bad and clamp it. All done ....

PS you did say McGyver it right ?

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