How to reduce noise from submersible pump?


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How to reduce noise from submersible pump?

I have a fountain on my deck. It is powered by a small (250 GPH I think) submersible pond pump. How can I reduce the noise and vibration? I was thinking about closed-cell foam but it's a bit expensive and I'd be POed if I got it home and it just caused my pump to float.
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Some cheap pumps just shake and rattle a lot. You can try getting a new pump. Even a good one pretty inexpensive.

If you can take the pump apart, open up the impeller area and clean everything with an old toothbrush. Sometimes algae and crud can get the impeller out of balance making it shake & rattle. You can try setting your pump on a piece of foam or even an old sponge and make sure it is connected to your fountain by a section of flexible pipe. Basically you don't want your pump touching anything hard, it should only touch soft stuff (foam, soft flexible hose...).
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I have two beckett pumps that I purchased at Home Depot for my pond. They make hardly any noise at all. Maybe you should try one of those? I think they were farily cheap, like under 100 bucks... Who knows how long they will last for, but it does the job for now, quietly, and I think they have one to two year warranties depending on the pump.

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