Concrete pond questions.


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Concrete pond questions.

I have seen some of these addressed here and there, but am not sure that I have the answers needed.

We have a concrete lined pond which is approx. 5' in length with a 1' in depth shallow end and a 3' deep end. It also has a concrete formed waterfall which I believe is built wrong. It has three tiers but has a puddle type form for each level and isn't angled correctly.

Between the fall and pond there is a crack near the lip of the pond in height. I filled it last summer with a caulking.

No matter what I try, the pond will lose a ton of water if I use the waterfall, I even draped thick black liner plastic covering the crack completely and topped with rocks. It still loses water.

My problem now is the fella at Home Depot sold me a pump that would work as a fountain and send water up to the fall, it's too huge if I don't use the waterfall. The fountain will go 5' or higher into the air if I don't redirect it.

I also bought an outer filter for the pump and it was "sucked in" by the pressure when it got dirty, I have really tried to rig it to handle the pump now, the pump has to be filtered, so this is another issue.

Soooooo, how can I stop the leak? Today, I emptied the pond again, power washed the whole thing to see if I was missing a crack somewhere else and am letting it dry to get ready for another attempt to fix it.

Should I use cement to fill the hole or some other type of filler. I saw the epoxy mentioned, but should I consider re-surfacing the whole pond? Would Sakrete (sp?) work?

This is a new house to us, but the pond is likely 15 years old at least.

Side note... I don't know why they are looking for Jimmy Hoffa in MI on the horse farm - I found him in this pond last summer when it was cleaned for the first time!
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I can't give you much help on what to patch with other than a caution. Depending upon the use of the pond (fish, plants tec.) whatever you use may be harmful to that life.

Now you say you have water loss only when using the pump.

I would look to the plumbing involved with the pump. If you live in a freeze zone, water may have been left in the plumbing system and froze, cracking the pipe.

If it is buried, you will probably need to expose the pipe to be sure of a leak free status. Before you do this, look for water saturated earth near the piping to help locate any break.
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leaky pond

I hate it when that happens !!

I agree with the plumbing leak Idea. If the pond holds water with out the pump going then it is the plumbing. If not, you hgave two choices, put a liner in or they do sell pond crack sealer that is pond freindly just have to find it.

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