tabletop fountain


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tabletop fountain

I am attempting to create a tabletop fountain for my house. I already acquired an 80gph pump with flow control. My question is, what materials could i use to create the central piece from which the water comes out? I read a few books on the subject but they didnt help. Also, where can i buy those materials? thank you in advance.
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You did not say what your fountain "should be" so I can't help you with materials. What do you want your fountain to look like? Stone, metal, tile, plastic, wood.... You can make your fountain out of anything you like.
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whoops sorry about that, well i would like to experiment with a few different materials but for now i would like to make it out of stone or something similar. any suggestions? thanks
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stone table fountain

I would say hit up a landscaping place, a place that sells stone and stuff. Look through all the landscaping materials they offer nd see what you like ....

Actual construction of your fountain should be easy. The place I go to even has rocks with hole drill in the center so you do not see a pipe or hose sticking out where the water comes out ....
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i am thinking of adding lights and "smoke" effects to the fountain. what type of lights should i use? any suggestions about where i can buy them? what item produces the "smoke" or "fog" effect? is it a special generator? can it use the water that is being circulated? thank you

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