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water garden

I want a water garden in my backyard. I dont want any fish. Can I do without a skimmer and filter? I would use a fountain or waterfall for water movement, to keep skeeters at bay. Is a skimmer and/or filter necessary if all I will have is plants? It will be in full sun all day. I dont care if I can see the bottom or not because there will be no fish. Thanks, tmm
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We have helpful info on this site in the Info in How-to Articles that might get you started. http://www.doityourself.com/scat/watergarden

You can do without a fancy filter and let Mother Nature balance the garden. You will need plants, as you say. With a waterfall, you will need a recirculating pump.

There are some good books on water gardening and lots of info online. Another good place to start is at http://www.victoria-adventure.org/water_gardening/basics.html

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