Winterizing a pondless waterfall system


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Exclamation Winterizing a pondless waterfall system

I have just completed building my Pondless system and within 6 weeks it will require winterizing. I live in the Minneapolis area. My original thinking is to drain bith the upper biofalls and the lower container that i have dug into the ground approimately 36 inchs (3 FT). Should I drain the lower container completely or leave some water in it to freeze(this after of course removing the pump)? I would appreciate any thoughts or experiences in winterizing your systems.


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I need help too!

Hi, I'm new to the Do-It-Yourself website. did you ever get a response to your question? I'm in Chicago had did the exact same thing you did. I'm ready winterize my pondless waterfall, it's 68 degrees on Nov 2nd and need advice.
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Do you have a decorative waterfall or do you have a koi/goldfish pond?
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This is not from experience but from observation. Most decorative ponds of this nature are drained as much as possible. Inevitably, snow and rain will re-fill them so some degree but even if they freeze its not like a swimming pool which contains enormous amounts of water.

Unless I am underestimating the size of your pond. Drain as much as you can, remove your pump and filter materials. How did you fill this thing?

ALso, you can drive around and look for housing developments with ponds in the front towards the street.... you should not have to look to far. Stop your car in a safe place and just walk on over to see what the pro's did. Unless you have something unusual about your own... copying them may be helpful.

Without visually inspecting yours it would be impossible to tell for sure, but use your best judment and call a landscaper if you truly feel in over your head. They drain tons of these things every year. Or, they may even offer advice for free if you can describe it better in person.

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