Flotec Mod S2400A, 1/3 hp sump tripping breaker


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Flotec Mod S2400A, 1/3 hp sump tripping breaker

have a waterfall with pond at bottom,,, had it all done by landscaping company last year,,, they did not give me a rec't for the pump but did give me documentation that indicates may have 2 yr warranty.

it has worked great except about 3 months ago tripped,,, got it restarted and no problem,,, it is now tripping about every hour... i have ran a cord to my house gfci to determine that it was not the electical goning to the pump... get same results so i guess it must be either the pump,,, the pump switch or the pump cord....

any other thoughts or suggestions..
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I am not familiar with that pump. Is it magnetic drive, or does the motor shaft connect directly to the impeller?

Have you checked to make sure the intake is clear (not restricted) and that there is nothing inside the pump dragging on the impeller?

Unplug the pump and turn the motor/impeller by hand. Does it turn freely or is it stiff or have a "gritty" feel?
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If I remember correctly the flotec are a low end pump. The motor is probably burned out or locking up. They are really not good long term pumps. If interested in quality long term and econiomical pumps just run a web search. I can give some recomendations if you need them just PM me.

Sorry for the bad news concerning the pump.
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Sump pumps are not made for continuous run service.
the motor/seal is probably shot. Your landscape co doesn't know jack.

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Smile This is a known problem for several pumps.

Hi! I read somewhere that you need a check valve to avoid water backing up into the pump from triggering the pump. I don't know whether this is something you can install after the fact, or needs to come already installed.
Maybe it's a simple matter of ensuring that the outlet hose/pipe does not rise above the pump itself, causing water to back up.
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no check valve needed for a pump!

only ck valve needed is from water flowing from house to avoid backflow to house supply water.


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