Liner vs concrete


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Liner vs concrete

Okay which is preferred epdm liner or concrete?
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I use liners and not concrete. The liners allow you to make last minute chances and/or add things later with out any big hassle. You can also get alittle more customization with liners.
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The concrete will leak on you all the time.
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depends on the application. if it is a formal setting or formal design I would say concrete. however, everything else i would say liner.

downfall of the liner is that is will "breakdown" with uv/sunlight exposure so you have to cover the liver with boulders and gravel. look at for ponds with liners....

just plain concrete will break/crack over time which is generally why you don't use just "plain concrete." you'll need an something like Xypex (concrete sealer, waterproofer, hardner) in your concrete mixture or apply after the pour.....

Google it.
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Concrete vs Liners

A man with experience is not at the mercy of a man with an argument!

My experience over the past 26 years, with constructing well over 1,900 concrete ponds and waterfalls, one of which was 135 feet high with 350 tons of rock, is that not one of them has ever cracked or leaked! My resent experience in the past 2-3 years has been replacing leaking liner pond with concrete ones. These liner pond owners are extremely angry because none of them were told of the possible negative results of using liners. These nonprofessional, greedy, dishonest, get rich quick, scam artists never told their clients that the so called warrant did not cover leaks caused by burrowing rats, mice, ground squirrels, chipmunks, gophers, tree roots, heavy rocks stretching liner, sharp objects puncturing it. On the contrary, I have documented the comments relayed to be by there customers. Oh, I'm sorry, the warranty does not cover_____________... you fill in the blank! These greedy con artist are ruining the reputation of a respectable industry. I recently built a concrete pondless waterfall, using 3500 psi concrete with stealth fiber and rebar 8 inches on center. The pump was a high efficiency centrifugal pump. This pump's warranty is 3 yrs, 60% less energy and lasts 4 times longer than any pondless liner waterfall kit on the market today. Bottom line... Figuring current labor rates of professionals and retail on materials. The concrete pondless waterfall finished, was still cheaper than any of the kits available, STILL IN THE BOX! Any one, anywhere in the country can act as there own contractor, hire local labor and professional craftsmen and build a pondless waterfall that can be guaranteed to last for decades! If you "Google" water garden, you will discover 55,000,000 websites. The only one I have found that doesn't sell liners, pumps or kits and will give you all the FREE unbiased advise, information and FREE access to dozens of FREE articles is watergardenauthority put together by a retired "Master Waterfall Builder" good luck and do your homework, FallGuyPro
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I want to do concrete simply because it seems to be 'wrinkle free' and I want large boulders which could cause liner damage. Its cost however is considerably more expensive. Plus, I have a large feature to do. I can't do it all at once due to the size. Also, I would have to mix it myself. I have questions as to the thickness of the crete, the size rebar and can I proceed in sections for example the floor, then later the sides both for the basin, then later the actual waterfall itself.

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