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a couple weeks ago, a frog disappeared, and gradually the pollywogs disappeared. I thought the fish were eating them. this morning my wife saw a huge crane arrive at our pond, I'm sure that's where everything has been going, and now he's going to start on my fish. how do i discourage him from coming around?
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Crane problem?

Well there are several ways ....

1 Pond netting prevents the crane from getting into the pond deep. This only works for deep ponds

2 They actually sell motion activated water sprinklers that "attack" the various preditors and scare them away. Problem is it takes a constant connect to water supply and some take live power instread of batteries.

3 You should always have a place for the fishies to hide when threatened by preditors. Pile up so rocks or lean a flat rock on the side so there is room for the fish to gewt under and outof sight.
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Pond should be 4-5 feet deep all over. Cranes can't wade in 3 feet of water. Deeper water provides greater safety for fish. If you have a shallow pond or a pond with a shallow end, fish are easy prey for predators.
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thanks for the replie's. My pond is about 12' across, and goes from 0-3.5, there is a small "cave" and lilly pads to hide behind. I also should have mentioned that I have a plastic crane. I hoped that wasgoing to keep them away. I went to the pond store last night and my wife discribed the bird, they said it was a great blue heron. I wish I saw it. anyway, we bought a red plastic fish that gets wieghed down, when the heron strikes at it, the wieght freaks it out and it leaves. they also told me if my pond is shallow on the edge, which it is, to sting monfilament or reflective tape around the pond. the heron won't step over the tape into deeper water. I hope this saves my fish, but I wouldn't mind seeing him come around once in a while. Thanks again, and I hope Ihelped someone else.

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