steel water wall


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steel water wall

I am making a water wall useing a specialist steel. (Corten Steel) it developes a surface rust that then protects it from rusting any further.
The wall is three meters long and one high. I am using visible copper pipe with holes in it, to deliver the water to the top of the wall. Will the holes get cloged up? How could I make it so that the copper pipes can be taken apart and cleaned easily?

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I would isolate (do not let them touch) the steal plate and copper pipe delivering the water. The two different metals touching each other while wet may cause a small electrical current that increases the corrosion rate. This will be more or less important depending on your steel & copper alloys. You can do a search online for a "galvanic table". If your two materials are not very far apart on the table you can let them touch, but the further apart they are listed the more corrosion potential.

I think your water wall will look cool after a year. I imagine copper and iron will leach into the water and get deposited on the wall creating some intesting patterns.

I would put a removeable cap on the end of your copper water feed pipe and have the water infeed removeable at the other end. The end cap can be removed and the copper feed pipe flushed out. A toothpick or ice pick can be poked into the holes if they get clogged and obviously smaller holes will clogg more easily than larger holes. You can install a water filter or screen on the output of your pump to catch small particles if it becomes a problem (especially if your fountain will be outside).
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Thanks for the advice. I am looking into this new angle.

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steel water wall

The water that is contact with the Corten steel will pick up the rust color and stain materials it is in contact with.

If you look at a Corten steel building, the concretre foundations and sidewalks will be a rust color to match the building. - The Hancock building is a prime example. - Some people like the stains, some do not.


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