Making a Pondless Waterfall and Fountain Combo


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Smile Making a Pondless Waterfall and Fountain Combo

Hello everyone, I am really looking for some help with a water feature that I wat to add to my back yard, here is the info:

I have a small space and I am thinking about building a small pondless waterfall and fountain. The space is about 5 feet wide by about 7 feet long and sits right next to a new patio that I had installed. I am going to be putting up a wall that would sit about 3 feet high and would like to have the waterfall start right behind the wall.

I would like a fountain that shoots water into the air and then back down onto the rocks at the base of the falls, where the base tub would be. From what I have read on this site it looks like a "pondless" waterfall is a shallow pond waterfall with the pond filled up with rocks, is this correct?

It looks like everyone is selling this upsidedown tub with a bunch of holes in it to allow more water around the water pump.

So this is what I am kinda thinking:

place a small pond in the ground and fill with a small amount of rocks. Place a pump that has both fountain and waterfall outlets under a big upside down bucket with a bunch of holes in that are not bigger than the rocks. one hole in the top (bottom) of the bucket with the fountain extension sticking out to ground level. Fill everything with rocks and have the falls designed to start at the top of me wall and run back into the base tub area.

Does this seem like it would work correctly?

One of my main questions is what size pump do I need to get to do both of these features and pump the correct amount of water to each item (fountain and falls)? Do they make pumps that do both and has anyone had any luck with doing something like this before?

Thank you to anyone that can add some light to this subject and help me figure out what type of pump to buy to make this work correctly.

Have a great day !
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The pump size will be determined by how many gallons per minute need to be pumped and the vertical distance the water will be pumped. Too much pump capacity is better than too little. Good luck with your project.

Install a "tee" to the pump outlet to direct the water to the fountain and to the waterfall.

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BP Here is a link that will answer all your questions concerning pondless
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bigger better

bigger pump, install a ball valve to control the flow, but keep the outlet pipes the same as the biggest outlet...(if 1.5" use 1.5 inch tubing)....I posted an answer to another post with details, but e-bay has the best deals on pumps anywhere for larger GPH...just put in a tee to make your fountain part...I found ACE hardware to have the best selection on tees, and you can get a 1.5 with a .5 tee....good luck....personally I like the water instead of the rocks

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