DIY Skimmer


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DIY Skimmer

Anyone tried a DIY skimmer? Any advice or websites would be great! I have a pretty good idea how I could make one but other idea would be helpful!
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Here's a link to homemade pond skimmer:
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twelvepole- thanks for replying, that is about the only one I could find too. It is not exactly what I was looking for. I was thinking more along the lines of a rubbermaid container attached to the side of the pond type of skimmer.
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building a homemade skimmer

This reply is a little late, but here we go ..... I made mine out of concrete ,and it was very easy I might say . Go to a marine dealership where they sell boats and buy a round floor access plate ,used for access to gas tanks, etc about 10 inches in diameter. Using a bucket for form work and providing the slot opening to pond ,it all can be done very easy. Don't forget a check valve under bucket so you don't lose the water in the line during pump off time.Yes, you must wait till concrete begines to set before removing the bucket, then place access plate and stainless steel screws in wet cement. walk away cost less than 25 bucks.

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