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I am in the process of pursuing the subject of "aquaponics" I have the concrete pond in place 12 feet wide 6 feet deep (a circle) creek rock faced, and the near-by 3 foot high concrete walled with gravel inside to serve as the filtering and supply the nutrients for plant life. Also above this filtering system (half finished) i'm putting up fiberglass lattice sheets 4x8 with a soaker hose at the top to feed nutrients to plants/vegetables. I'm retired and this must be my grand finale before I croak ,but for now this subject is very important to me ,so if anyone can give me info on pump size and I do have a fountain in place that overhangs the pond that water will come up through and spill back into the pond (supplied from water supply from gravel filter/plant area) I also want to know if tomatoes can be grown in this fish waste nutrient rich gravel area. any thoughts much appreciated. bernie
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Aquaponic systems and Info

Take a look at this site from the link below. It should tell you all you need to know about your project including your question about growing tomatoes. They have a forum where you can get all you questions answered.


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