Red Pond

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Red Pond

I have a red pond. That is My pond is about 150'X50' and I have about 100 large catfish in it. recently there has been a red/amber sheen on top this has been occurring for about a month now. I am concerned this may be a red algae and it is going to consume all the oxygen in the pond and kill the fish. does anyone have any idea what I could/should do to control this?
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First step is to get the pH under control. It should be between 7 and 8. The higher the pH, the more problems with algae. Pick up a pond test kit and test pH in the morning. Skim out organic debris. This time of the year with everything pollinating and the whirly birds flying it's easy for a pond to become polluted. There are pond products available for lowering pH and beneficial bacteria products to stabilize the pond. There are flocculants available that cause suspended organic materials to clump together and settle to bottom where they can pass through the filter. There are fish safe oxygen cleaners that can clean the pond without scrubbing. Introduce some pond plants to compete with algae for nutrients and keep algae at bay. Plants will also shade the water from sun loving algae. Clean filter with pond water, not tap water, so you don't kill the good bacteria. If you use a flocculant, clean filter every day for several days so filter does not get clogged. There are also ultra violet clarifiers available that will kill algae. Keep the filter clean as you do not want clumped or dead algae clogging filter. Check the aerator and make sure it is properly working.

Find a local pond supply store for products for the pond. Buy only fish safe products. Shade the pond. Here's a good link for supplies and info:

You might also consider reducing the size of the catfish population. Overcrowding can lead to stunting and disease. Overfeeding can lead to water quality problems.

Catfish pond management:

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