volt oil in pond


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volt oil in pond

Hello, I'm new here and have a big problem. My dear husband put a little volt oil, an insecticide, in the pond to kill mosquito larva. The pond was dirty and due to be emptied and refilled. It's just a tiny 30 gallon pond. Now what am I supposed to do about adding a few fish? I sucked all the old water out and wiped it down, rinsed and wiped again. I can still see a little residue. I'm doomed to a plane pond with no fish arent' I? Valery
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Volck oil is just oil--petroleum. It is not poison. It is used for spraying on plant foliage to smother overwintering insects, scale insects, spider mites, mealy bugs, etc. If it's nontoxic for humans, it should be for fish.

There are larvicides available for control of mosquitos in water. The bacteria targets the larvae and prevents them from developing into mosquitos. Larvicides ar available as dunkers, granules, pellets, liquids or technical powder. The doughnut shaped dunkers are impressive. You just float one in the pond.

Mosquito Dunks
Photo Credit: bugclinic

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