Fish Not Eating


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Unhappy Fish Not Eating

My fish are not eating.
We had about 15 fish in the pond last season and lost 9 over the winter because of a broken heater and the pond not being deep enough. Six survived but are not as sociable as they were. When they were hungry they'd swim near the surface in the corner closest to the house and wait for food. Now they are constantly at the bottom of the pond and if they do venture to the top the second they see me or something else above the pond they go right back to the bottom. I know this sounds crazy and I doubt they're are any fish shrinks out there but can the fish be traumatized??? Anyone ever have an experience like this?
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Tell us more:
What type of fish do you have?
Where do you live (just a state is fine)?
How large and deep is your pond?

Have you checked your water for: ph, chlorine, ammonia, oxygen saturation...?
I assume you have koi or goldfish. Something as simple as adding chlorinated water can make them hide. If you pour chlorinated water on top it burns their gills so they hide at the bottom where there is less chlorine. It could be temperature. Maybe a predature has been hunting them and they are trying to hide.
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They're Koi. I live in Illinois. And they are actually starting to eat and acting normal again. All the testing levels were good- ph was a little low which seems to be normal for my pond.
Thanks for the advice though!!!
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Koi will often not eat when conditions are not optimal and causes them to be stressed. Here's a guide to feeding koi:

Koi FAQs:

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