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Unhappy Fountain Woes

I have a small three-tier leaf shape fountain that I bought some years ago that I would like to use again. Its about 2 at the highest point and 7 at the lowest, with about 3 of tubing from the front to the back. For some reason I am having a problem keeping the water in the container below the bottom (largest) leaf where the pump is. I dont recall it having a submersible pump. It seems to me it was a small dry type pump. At some point we had it hooked up with the pond so there was always plenty of water. I no longer have the pond.

I purchased a pump at Home Depot but talked to tech support at the company (Beckett) before hooking it up. They suggested their M250 4 high with a 6.5 shut off. They could not tell me how much water the pump should be in.

The bottom leaf sits on a 7 base with a small opening to place the pump. The opening can hold a container
no higher than 7x 6 .

The container does not fit snug to the bottom leaf because of the tubing. I have a piece of tubing from the bottom leaf into the container.

I tried a larger container outside the opening but still have the same problem, the water in the container pumps out faster than it fills up. I adjusted the flow to low but that didnt seem to do anything.

I originally tried a (not cheap) solar pump and had the same problem.

Any help will be appreciated.
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It seems that your pump is just pumping too much water. Could you try squeezing the tubing with a pair of pliers and see if that slows the flow enough to work better? If that works I have seen a clamping device for tubing in the water garden section of Menards-maybe that would work.
Good luck

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