Fish pond water level


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Fish pond water level

Hi: We just finished building a 11' X 16' backyard fish pond with a three tier waterfall. We have a sand filter and two speed pump. It also has a skimmer working. The water level of the pond is dropping about one inch per day. We can't find any leaks in the plumbing and are wondering just how much might be attributed to evaporation and (very minor) over splashing on the waterfall. There is aprox 2,000 gals of water in the pond. At this rate we will have to be constantly adding water to keep the level up. I suppose there could be some leaking through the rubber liner in pool or over water fall. Any ideas would be appreciated. I'm gonna shut the pump off and let the water sit for 24 hrs and check to see if the level drops and go from there. Thanks.
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Make certain you have no leaks and do everything you can to contain and minimize splashing. I've seen 1/2 inch of evaporation per day in relatively calm water in the summer sun. Add several waterfalls with splashing and you could easily be loosing 1" per day to evaporation. But continue with your plans to check for leaks.

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I have a small fish pond, it is about 65x20 with 2 to 2.5 feet of water. I have lost 1/2 to 1.5 inches of water a day. Every summer it is the same thing. Evaporation is bad this time of year. You may find that you dont have a leak.( I hope) Its just the hot summer sun
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Your idea to stop the pump and observe the pond is a first step. Then look for leaks along the edge of the waterfall.

One little thing we do with our water feature is capture our heat pump condensate water and add to our pond to help replenish evaporation loss.
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Fish pond water level

Thanks for the reponse and ideas. We found one of the fittings leaking past the gate valve where it goes into the bottom of the ecological filter we built. Between that and the oversplashing on the three tier waterfall along with evaporation, that explains the drop in pond level daily. Gonna build the sides of waterfall up higher (mortar stonework) and fix the leaky fitting and that should do it, we hope. Thanks again..

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