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Hey everyone!
I have a huge problem! I bought this house with a pond and i keep trying to clean it and it gets green and alot of waste on the bottom. There is no drain and only a slight slope to the right of the pond( one with larger diameter). How do i keep it clean? I do have some comet goldfish. Since the photos ive managed to drain out the water let the sun burn up the algae on the walls and vacuumed the bottom out. I've let rain water fill the majority of the pond with a bit of tap. I've planted lilly plants which now cover about 30% of the pond. The water is turning green and there is alot of waste build up at the bottom again. I have no clue how to set up a filtration. The pond has a pump (no clue about the gph because there is no label). I do have sump pump. What can i do with this pond to keep it clean? Any ideas on filters for this size pond? The Pond pump is submersible but has no guard on the inlet. Should i make a prefilter? Any advice is greatly appreciated Thanks!!!

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Thank you for the pictures. How much money do you want to spend and how much time & effort do you want to invest in keeping the pond water clear? Second, do you want clear water or fish & plants or both?

Algae, the green stuff, is a very natural part of any living pond. Getting rid of it will be a constant battle if you want plants & fish. Without fish & plants keeping the water clear is much easier. Basically you filter & treat the pond just like a small swimming pool. A simple filter and chlorine will do a good job keeping the water clear. The big problem is that almost nothing will be able to live in the pond. No fish, no pretty plants.

If you want to keep your goldfish & lilies you will never get rid of all the algae & scum on the bottom but you can minimize it. The less algae & scum you want the more filtration (money) and labor you will have to expend. The first and easiest step is to feed your fish the minimum food possible. The algae in your pond is being fed by the poo from the fish. Less food in, less poo (fertilizer) out and less algae.

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