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Question Pond Liner

The pond liner is measured in square feet, my pond is 11'X8'X3' which is how many square feet so I know how liner I need to buy to cover my pond?
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Well, we don't really know the shape of the bottom of your pond, so a simple approach would be to calculate it as a straight line from each edge down to the center bottom and back up to the other edge. Do this for both directions and add some extra for around the perimeter and the shape of the bottom.

Thus: (5.5)² + (3)² = L1² Then L1= 6.26 Double that for 12.5'
Then (4)² + (3)² = L2² Then L2= 5 Doubled for 10

Since you will probably want at least 2' around the perimeter (or whatever is recommended) add 4' to each direction, plus another 0.5' for the remaining curve and you have a liner: 14.5' x 17'. Just one foot extra and it would be 12.4' x 15'.

If you need a more accurate answer, we will need to know the shape of the bottom and the extra needed around the edges.

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The pond liner should be one piece without seams.
Using a measuring tape, at the widest part of the width, measure from the top edge down to the bottom, across the bottom, and up the other side. This will be the narrowest liner you need. Measure the length needed in a similar fashion using the long dimension of the pond. From your dimensions, 8+3+3=14. From this calculation, a minimum width would be 14 feet x the length needed.(11+3+3=17) Hope this helps.
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Would a picture help???
How do You calculate gpm needed for a 6" wide waterfall going up 2' above ground? Thank you for your help! John

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