Waterfall with slate causing water to splash


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Waterfall with slate causing water to splash

i built a wall waterfall with slate the water wicks off the ruff edges. how can i get the slate more smooth or chip off the bad partsd to be more or less ruff?

my thoughts from this project.

water must calm down before dispensing. pvc with slit will not work 2" pvc with slit will not work
1" with 1/2" nozzles with 2 inputs on a 8 foot wall will not work.
the best ones that work hold the water at top to relax prior to despensing.
wicking is the problem not anything else. slower flow is best.
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Some thoughts

Usually, you would install a weir at the top where the water pools before the drop. Most weirs have baffles and filters that redirect flow up into a pool where it will "calm" the water. Then it starts its downward journey.

Since every project is unique, if you could post some photos here, it would help visualize what the problem is and aid in suggestions to fix. Or shoot video, post it on YouTube, and then post a link to it here.

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