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Old fiberglass bathtub used for a dog cooling station

Old fiberglass bathtub used for a dog cooling station


Old 06-08-11, 09:53 AM
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Old fiberglass bathtub used for a dog cooling station

Hi all,
I have a 2 yr old Pointer mix who just loves water and I was thinking about converting the old fiberglass tub (approx. dimensions 3' W X 5' L X 2' H) into a cooling water hole. I live in the country on about 3 acres and thought this would be perfect for pup. She'll jump in any puddle big enough to cover her paws so with the hot weather I thought this would be perfect plus it will get the old tub out of sight (my wife's sight...) I had intentions of using it to raise fishing worms but never got around to it.
My questions are:
1. Do I need to install a plastic liner and surround the outside of the tub with sand?
2. I plan to cover this when not in use to avoid any possibility of someone falling into it as well as to prevent mosquitos from using it - but not sure what the best solution is for this - I don't have anything big enough in metal and thought cover could be constructed out of 5/8" exterior plywood covered or painted so it's waterproof.

I do have an adjacent shed with a corrugated steel roof that I can use for water collection to the tub and where I'm thinking of placing it lends itself well for draining it periodically and refilling.

Your ideas and suggestios/comments are appreciated.
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Old 06-08-11, 12:05 PM
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Will you bury the tub in the ground or leave it sitting on the surface? I would install a removable plug in the drain hole so it's easy to drain. With the drain plugged you would not need a liner or anything else since the tub itself should hold water. I would suggest placing the tub in a shaded location. The water will get quite hot in the sun.
Old 06-08-11, 04:56 PM
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I just removed a 5' round garden tub from a jobsite, and rather than ditching it, I had similar thoughts. Haven't brought it home yet. When I do, I'll have to sneak it in my barn until the unveiling. I was thinking of making a cooling station/bird waterer, etc. but installing a bubbler somewhere to keep the water moving around. Mosquitoes can't lay eggs on moving water.
Shady area, a must.
Old 06-08-11, 05:19 PM
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I almost hate to admit it but I have an old cast iron claw foot tub that we use in the summertime for lounging. It still has the spigots and drain attached and I put a rubber cap on the drain so I can fill it with nice cool water. Our well water is rather cool so filling it an hour before use lets it warm up to perfect but I also need to set up an umbrella because a couple hours in the summer sun heats it right up.

I also took another cast iron tub and used it for a goldfish pond. I used the smallest available pond pump and plumbed it's intake to the tub's drain. I soldered up some copper to connect the hot & cold spigots of the tub together and connected them to the output of the pump. It worked quite well. The tub always looked like the water was running to fill the tub.
Old 06-09-11, 08:10 AM
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great and fun ideas you all have...one of the MANY reasons why i love DIY...i just bought an aerator for my pond...i will use a 'Pet Carrier' to keep the aerator out of the elements.
Old 06-09-11, 09:55 AM
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Reply to all who've posted...

Thanks for replying all and it's glad to have confirmation that there are minds that think 'somewhat' similar to mine; although I will never convince my wife of said posit

Yes, the area I'm considering placing the tub in is well shaded and has a very gentle slope as well as being close to the end of my outside tin shed (open walls, only a roof for some outside storage.) I figure I could collect water runoff in a barrel to fill the tub and yes, the tub will be at ground level. I'll line the bottom with some flat field stone I have, plus 5 or 6 bags of sand for cushioning the fiberglass bottom. I'm not going to worry about lateral (side) pressure on the sides unless I see there's a problem later on - though I could fill the sides with non-biodegradable packing styrofoam or something.

I was thinking of using Silicone Sealant or Epoxy to seal the plumbing opening for the tub faucet using flat plastic on both sides with glue/epoxy in the middle - and for the bottom drain hole we use to have a rubber stopper that we can't use for the new tub because of a builtin strainer on the new tub. Maybe a section of 1 1/2" hose out the bottom of the tub to drain.
Safety cover like a grate, piece of plywood or something probably the only thing I'll have to come up with additional - and also a plastic rain barrel plus some hose.

Sounds like a plan...

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