kinda bought a pig-in-a-poke


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kinda bought a pig-in-a-poke

I bought this off ebay as an interlocking fountain pool. I want to use it as a raised bed for planting in. Even on a level surface, it's mis-shapen and doesn't exactly 'interlock' and in some places I am going to have gaps as wide as 2-3inches. I'm wondering whether to tweak the fit with a cement rasp. Even so, I will have gaps to fill. What sand cement or specialist mix should I use? Also, wondering if I should just fill it with soil when done, or try and source a former? Any suggestions from anyone as to how they might approach installation (barring "chuck it out mate ... it's rubbish") would be greatly appreciated.
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Welcome to the forums.

Chuck it out ?? Heck no....that's a great piece.

I see all the pieces are differently shaped. Does it help to move the pieces around ?
Are the pieces numbered or did you just randomly place them ?

I'm not quite sure how I would handle the permanent assembly of it. Let me think on it and we'll see if others have any ideas.
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Thanks for the reply PJMax. I hadn't thought of moving them around. They're not numbered. I will try moving them later when there are more hands on deck. It's unbelievebly heavy. I was just thinking they were all the same mould rather than variations of the same mould and that some have bowed or twisted for some reason?
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Try at one point placing them slam up to each other and go around. I believe you will find you are missing one piece in order to make a perfect circle. If that is the case, you may be able to take a grinder and take off the inner angle a little on each one to help conform to a circle. Is that another piece sitting away from it in the pix? My main concern would be what is going to hold it together after you put 1500# of soil in it??
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Thanks Chandler. No it is nine to make a circle. The guy I bought it off let me have a semi-circle too, as one panel was broken, so I have spares. I'm in the process of trying to source a former here in the UK (5ft 6" x 2ft high) but it's proving tricky. Everything is so much more expensive here in the UK and choice is limited compared with US. I might have to buy a preformed pond, but I'm looking at 700 pounds and it seems a waste that I will be drilling drainage holes in it.
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I would try some long ratchet straps and see if pulling it together helps. Since it looks like none of the sections are touching it could be just a problem of the space between them getting multiplied. As far as holding it together it depends on what it is made of. It could be drilled and bolted, or use thin set or even mortar.
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It appears that the back piece is concave from where the tongue is, which makes me think these are never going to look tight.

I'd form the circle and clamp together. If there is any way to make cement more pliable (none of which I know) the clamping might help straighten the sides. I have a feeling that a liner would recommended, but I'm just shooting ideas.

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