Rocks in water feature are eroding


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Question Rocks in water feature are eroding

Like the title suggests, I have a water feature and the rocks are eroding. Is there anything I can do to stop or slow it?

The water feature is a waterfall that runs approximately 1 hr per day. The water runs directly into our swimming pool. Right now it's bringing with it tiny pieces of the rocks and grout in the waterfall.

Thanks for your help.
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Got a picture?
What type stone is it?
Was it ever sealed?
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Is it made of synthetic rocks? Is this a pre-cast or pre-made feature? If so it's probably your water chemistry and/or the water feature was not intended to be used with chlorinated water.
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Here they are. It does look like the rocks themselves are eroding (I've rubbed a few of them and I'm able to rub pebbles off them), and so is the grout. I don't know if they've ever been sealed. Thanks
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I don't know what types of rocks they are. In the last pic you can see how the sediment is ending up in the pool.
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They look like real rocks mortared in place. Are some of those sandstone rocks? The white residue are mineral and chemical deposits left behind as the water evaporates.

I'd say you've got plain old fashioned erosion taking place. The combination of flowing water and pool chemicals may be slowly breaking down and eroding the mortar and rock. Just like mother nature does though faster maybe because of the chemicals. Have you checked the ph of your pool water?
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We've checked the ph of the pool and are doing as the pool company suggested.

I'm sorry, I know nothing of pools and I'm not sure if that answers your question. My husband takes care of the pool and he said the pool co said to use less chemicals. It was after he did that that I saw the erosion. No erosion before that. You can see why I'm puzzled.
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I am from Canada, I flew down to Maracopa to my brothers house when he told me his rock feature was eroding at his pool, I cant believe no one can figure out a fix. Go to walmart spray paint dept. look for a clear spray called leak seal, it is a spray on rubber that will keep the rock from falling apart anymore than it has, do light coats every 2 hrs till you are comfortable nothing is going to fall apart anymore, then after a day of curing go back to walmart and get a product called
crystal clear enamel in a spray can also and coat the rubber seal that is holding your eroding rocks togeather, again light coats till you feel comfortable you covered it all good. give it a few hours or a day to cure and your water feature is fixed for good. Plan on about 7 cans of leak seal at 10 each and 4 cans of enamel at 4 each or you can pay thousands for the pool place to do the same.
done deal.

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