Pond advice really needed!!!!!


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Pond advice really needed!!!!!

Hi to anyone who can give a woman with no man but has a pond to deal with! I have a large pond with a liner, lots of leaves, no filtration (because I don't know what to use) a few goldfish that I'd like to keep alive & no aeration either.
If someone can help me, I can provide more info and pictures.
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How big a pond? First thing is to get all the leaves out and for this the easiest is a lightweight garden rake IF you can reach all areas of the pond. Then you need a pump and fountain head to aerate the water.

Pictures are always helpful. Posting the pictures to a photo-hosting site such as photobucket.com and then posting the public URL here is my preferred method but you can post directly if the photos are not too big.
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Oh thanks for answering me. The pond is not your typical back yard pond it's a little larger. I'll get some pictures in the next few days. I know I can't get out to the middle to reach the leaves in that area and there's large tree around the pond. I figured I'd need some type of pump. But I guess you can help me later after you see pics.
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You will also need to figure out:
1. How clean you want the pond to look.
2. How much money you want to spend on equipment.
3. How much time/labor do you want to spend maintaining the pond.

Keeping a pond with live fish squeaky clean like a swimming pool is expensive and requires a fair bit of work. The less cleaning & maintaining you want to requires a more substantial & expensive filtration system. At the high end a fish pond is more expensive to build and maintain than a swimming pool. On the other end of the spectrum if you want a pond that looks more like a natural pond with algae and other forms of life then it can get by with less filtration and cleaning and is rather inexpensive.

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