Fountain help


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Fountain help

I am trying to build a simple disappearing water bubbling fountain. I purchased two ceramic pots and 3 feet high an 2 feet high. I bought the pvc pipe 3/4 inch and valves. I also viewed pretty simple directions on youtube. Where I am getting stuck the basin with grate and pump. Submersable pumps are all over amazon, but I'm not sure what size to buy. The basin I am looking for is 4'x4' and about 1' deep. So my next question, where is the best place to buy the large basin with grate? I have only found one place online, which is amazing to me at its $439... which seems like a lot?
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There are several places online to purchase them but the prices are the same.

You can make a frame from blocks and then line it with extra heavy duty plastic. Sort of like an inground swimming pool. You can use grates like in the link below. Then you cover the great with mesh to hold up your decorative rocks, etc.

Thr pump is not critical as you aren't moving a lot of water.

Amazon: 2 x 4 Grate Panel
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I'm afraid you are in DC but if you want to drive out into the country you can find some less expensive basin options from a farm or fees supply store but a quality stock tank will still set you back over a hundred, then you have to figure out how to get it home.

As for the pump I would look for something moderately small maybe 300-1'000 gallons per hour. You are looking for bubbling, not a geyser or Bellagio display. Most efficient will be to allow the pump to run free. If you buy a larger pump and it sprays too much and you have to install or close a valve you're still paying for the energy usage of a big pump and only using the output of a smaller pump. If you do have to restrict the flow from your pump do it on the discharge side. Never restrict on the inlet side.
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Thank you

Thank you both for the help.

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